Kigeme Diocese

Kigeme Diocese

Behold how amazing Kigeme Anglican church cathedral is !

Are you a mother? do you want to see how your life is changing , Please hurry up to join mother’s union in Kigeme diocese in order to partner with your fellow to gave common interest!

Welcome to Kigeme Diocese

Rt. Rev. Musabyimana Assiel

Bishop of Kigeme Diocese

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour.  I welcome you all to this channel of communication (website).   We are so grateful to God that you visited this website. We pray and hope it becomes a blessing to you. Me and my wife Valerie and the entire family would like to appreciate staff of Kigeme Diocese headed by the Diocesan Administrator for a commendable job they are doing. I would also like to extend my appreciation to all the Archdeacons, Canons, Clergy, Lay Leaders, Lays and everyone that has helped us in advancing God’s kingdom.

Head of Clergy Rev. Augustin Ntawuhigimana and Head of Laity Mr Andre Mukuralinda of the Diocese are all appreciated. All the political leaders and different religious leaders that have partnered with the diocese in various projects and programs are appreciated very much.

My sincere thanks goes to our Christians (Kigeme Diocese, Kigali, East, South of Rwanda) and other areas like Uganda, Kenya, Canada and America for the support, love and care they have accorded to the Diocese.

May God bless you


The principal mission of Kigeme Diocese is to spread the Good news of Jesus Christ to all the people and to contribute to the well being of Rwanda People regarding the socio-economic, cultural, intellectual and health development and the protection of human right


The vision of EAR Kigeme Diocese is “to be a Church that glorifies God and blesses the nations” (1 Peter 4.11).

Cole Values

The core values of Kigeme Diocese are:

Our Team


EAR Diyoseze Kigeme Yatangije ku mugaragaro Icyumweru cy’uburezi.

EAR Kigeme Diocese launch education week.

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