Kigeme Diocese

Kigeme Diocese

EAR Kigeme Diocese launch education week.

The week devoted to the educational activities of the EAR Diocese of Kigeme, was officially launched by The Lord Bishop MUSABYIMANA Assiel, Bishop and Legal representative of the EAR Kigeme Diocese, which was launched in Kigeme on 5-13/2/2024. to improve the quality of education in the institutions of the church in cooperation with the State by agreement.

Different students believe that this week is important and that it will improve the quality of education in the institutions and that the children’s talents will also be used well. Munyemana Daniel, a student at G.S Uwinkomo  said, “This year is a joy for us students, the whole week for Doing  different activities we have a while since we’ve been studying, but we’re also doing different activities like helping our friends in need, competitions in different games (Football, Volleyball, Handball…) We’ve done writing and poetry competitions and physical training.”

Sindambiwe Phocas, a representative teacher, said, “We are very happy to see that we are also going to celebrate a week dedicated to education activities in the EAR Diocese of Kigeme, this is an event that will help us raise well and give our contribution to the education of the country. And we will improve the quality of education in Church schools so that we are going to have children who will succeed and be rewarded at the national level.”

The Executive Secretary of the Gasaka sector thanked the Diocese for the good step that promotes education in Nyamagabe District because it is the basis of all progress and development based on education, the message of travel activities given through educators is very important and is the source of ‘sustainable development.

The Bishop of the EAR Diocese of Kigeme, Bishop Musabyimana Assiel, announced publicly that this week should be celebrated every year. He said, “This week is going to be celebrated every year in all schools. this year 2024 we thank God that it is starting, and the children’s talents are going to grow through different games and competitions [……….]”

EAR Kigeme Diocese has 29 primary schools two Boarding schools, Five TVET schools, 14 nine and twelve years basic Education,all schools in general is 48. This week was celebrated for the first time in Kigeme Diocese after it was celebrated in other Dioceses such as Shyogwe, Kibungo and Shyira.         

Abanyeshuri ba Gs Kigeme A
Gs Kigeme A students Choir.
Kigeme Diocese Brass Band
Rt. Rev. Musabyimana Assiel ,The Bishop Of Kigeme Diocese
Rt. Rev. Habimfura Vincent,Bishop of EAR Nyaruguru Diocese
Rt. Rev. Nshimiyimana Christophe, Bishop of EAR Butare Diocese
From left to right ,Furaha Guillaume executive secretary of Gasaka sector, Education coordinator from CPR, Education Coordinator from Catholic Church, Gikongoro Diocese.
Arch. Ntawuhigimana Augustin with Bishop of EAR Nyaruguru Diocese.



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