Kigeme Diocese

Kigeme Diocese

Kigeme Diocese in the community

K igeme Diocese operates its activities in community of four Districts: Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, Nyanza and Huye of the southern province of Rwanda. To fullfill its vision “to be a Church that glorifies God and blesses the nations,” Kigeme Diocese has put in place different departments. One of them is Department of planning and development.
Planning and Development department works in community by participating in holistic development in making systematic accompaniments. Kigeme Diocese participates in community work in arm with other partners. It works through different programs such as Saving and credit Program, Food Security Program, Environmental protection program, Health mums Program, promoting Justice and reconciliation, Fourteen projects supported by Compassion International, among others.

Saving and Credit Program aims at developing community through putting people in saving and credit associations. In this program, people save money and offer loans among them to run small businesses. In their saving associations they are given different trainings for sustainable holistic development. Currently, the program counts more than 1280 saving associations with over 16000 members.
Church facilitators located in each parish have been trained to take care of saving associations day today.
Through Food Security Program, EAR Kigeme Diocese promotes food security in community through trainings about agricultural process, animal feeding, milk production and milk safety, diseases prevention and environmental protection process. There are para-veterinary workers who are based in community and look after domestic animals. Kigeme Diocese owns Milk Collection Center (MCC) that helps local community to access pasteurized milk.
Kigeme Diocese also is active member of District Joint Action Forum (DJAF). In last open-day (accoutability day) of activities 2017-2018 Kigeme won 3rd place of best exhibitor.

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