Brief Historical Background

Kigeme Diocese of the Angelican church of Rwanda was created and officially inaugurated on the 12th July 1992,From Butare Diocese in accordance with the Ministerial Order No 318/05 of the 10th November 1992. the Ministry started in the Sekera daughter church actually in Mbogo Parish But the headquarters of the Diocese is in Kigeme Parish which was created in 1931 by the Church Missionary Society(CMS) at S 2o 28′ 59.31″,E 290 31′ 40.3″ in the Southern Province of Rwanda, East Africa.

Kigeme Diocese work is done in all the circumscription of Nyamagabe District in full; In Nyanza District there is sector of Nyagisozi and in Huye District there are Kigoma ,a part of Maraba sector and Rwaniro sector

Until Now, Kigeme Diocese has been led by three bishops includes Bishop KAYUMBA Norman as the first Bishop from 1992 up to 1997. the second Bishop was Augustin MVUNABANDI from 2001 till 2017 and the third is His excellency Bishop Assiel MUSABYIMANA from 2018 onward.