Sunday School

We provide age appropriate Sunday School education when you come and worship with us. Your child will learn the faith in a safe and clean environment with kind and dedicated members of our parish. The safety of your child is our highest priority and we are very careful to select great and qualified leaders and teachers.  We also provide a crying room right off the sanctuary that has a sound system so you can hear the service as well as an above picture show us everything that makes child to be happy.
5 to 10 years . Lesson plans can accommodate a small class of 2 children up to a group of 20 children.
the second group child are under five Years. lesson plans can accommodate a small of 2 children up to a group of ten children.

Approximately 40 minutes, during the second service.  The children are excused at the announcements and return for
Holy Communion .
However, the above all, the main body of the curriculum seeks to give the children the “bigger picture” of Scripture and God’s eternal plan in Christ. Each of the 28 lessons either point to Jesus as the Promised King, or reveal Jesus, his character, attributes and love.